Saturday, April 25, 2009

How Long has it Been?

It will be 14 years this October but our love still grows!

When was the last time you went out on a date with your husband? Kent and I were given the opportunity to attend a marriage retreat in Kansas City at the plaza. The program allowed us to be guests at the InterContental Hotel.When we were not in class learning how improve our marriage we gazed over the plaza from our very own balcony. It motivated us to stroll together on the weathered brick sidewalks. There were numerous detailed shop windows for home decor, and trendy clothing. The window displays were framed by old world architecture. It felt as if we were looking through a 3D glossy magazine. After a while my feet could not keep up with my eyes. My new spring sneakers had given me blisters and Kent came to my rescue. He did not need to purchase a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to make me feel like his princess. He jogged over to a little rougher area to purchase some moleskin for my blistered heels. It was the nice self adhesive kind in sheets. With the moleskin strips I was able to cruise way past dark. During the day the fountains came to life. It had rained while we were in class and there were still droplets on the statue fountains that made them look as if they were going to turn our way and begin to speak of important life truths.
After another romp around the plaza we returned to our room and watched Saturday Night Live surrounded by piles of fluffed pillows with starched white cases. Laughter and relaxation was found during our stay.
Just off the dining area was a yet another welcoming sight. We listened to live music and enjoyed the smoke free air along with the evening breeze coming in off the large balcony.

Dinner both Friday and Saturday night was fancy salad and KC strip steak cooked rare. Not that they didn't offer killer main dishes. The Atkins diet has made its way back to me this time with lots more veggies.