Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mimi

Our precious Mimi has turned...83! She does not want her friends knowing her age and would be upset at me if she knew I was posting her true age. Tell us what you think...does she look her age? I'm thinking no way! Here is a picture of Max showing off the teddy bear she bought for him and his brothers have their own as well. *She is so thoughtful and shares her blessings! Happy Birthday, Mimi, we love you!

The Springs

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Garden of the God's

After all, a trip to Colorado Springs should also entail a visit to The Garden of the God's. The rock formations there are over 300 million years old and have been sculpted by erosion. Balanced Rock and the sandstone formations are truly breathtaking. The boys got their big thrill by getting to purchase souvenirs at the Trading Post.

You've Got to Blog This!

Kent was spontaneous and took the family for a surprise trip to Colorado Springs, CO over President's Weekend. He arranged the lodging and drove us round trip. I dozed in the rear seat coming in and out of consciousness just long enough to tell the boys to "stop it" every so often. I'm proud of my thoughtful man. Our first stay was on Peterson AFB. We had our own private bedroom and the boys had a bedroom, too. The beds were plenty, we could have slept 6. There were 3 TV's and kitchen was fully equipped. Will was so impressed that he started a journal entry stating that the place was just like home but the beds were softer. When we woke up the boys had an awesome playground just outside the TLF (Transit Living Facility) with mountain views! We got all this for $41.00!

Go Take a Hike!

Us Nieb's went bare-booting (to hike in winter) without use of crampons, showshoes, skis, or other traction aids.

We did not hit the alpine zone (the area above treeline)but were quite content with the huge adventure found among the smell of fresh pine, bright sun (it was 50 degrees), shoe slipping ice(the boys went skating in their shoes ), foot gripping snow(aided in traction), and gooey mud(mom had to throw out two pair of shoes and scrub another). We wandered through the scrub oak woodlands and ponderosa pine looking for bear. The family explored, viewing and taking in all the wonderful nature found at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. We found easy to moderate park trails which kept mom and Max happy as it was a 3 hour tour.

There were many words to remember...Will told Max, “You’ll just have to bear it.” Boy did Max do well. He was active on the adventure and only asked once to be picked up!

Upon reaching bolders the boys had to climb to the top and announce to the world...“I claim this rock.” When mom asked Sam if he was enjoying himself he stated, “This is more fun than flying your own plane.”

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Letter B

Beaty is my maiden name. The name Beaty \be(a)-ty\ is a variant of Beattie (Irish, Gaelic, Latin), and the meaning of Beaty is "voyager (through life); blessed". How cool is it to actually be born into a name that means blessed!

Bible - The living word of God, need I say more?

Boogie - It’s exercise and so much fun. Kent and I still got it! We cut a rug bringing in the New Year!

Boys - I have three of them and have a fantastic time being their mom/playmate

Backyard - I enjoy my backyard. Even looking at it through the kitchen window is a favorite.

Baggage - My mother-in-law bought Kent and I matching luggage and I can’t help but feel grown up and together traveling with them. The act of packing for trips with my matching baggage is always a welcome task. We have all sizes from a helpful medicine bag to a full size monolith type bag which is on rollers of course!

Brothers - Craig and Chris are my Triplet brothers. Craig is on the left and Chris is on the right .

Blog- Help! I started a blog and I can't get off!!
Books- I love them! I take pictures of my boys reading them. Reading is a gift you give yourself and others. Brain - A child's ability to learn can increase or decrease by 25 percent or more, depending on whether he or she grows up in a stimulating environment.
I know all you moms out there are giving your kids a wonderful learning environment, now don't you feel good!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What do You Want to be Doing?

What is occupying Max's attention at the time this picture was snapped? It seems there is always something pulling us, enticing us. At home it's the laundry, making dinner, trying to keep the house picked up. Don't get me wrong, I love my life but I would like to learn to enjoy the moment even if it is not filled with the most exciting activities. Stolen moments add up to wasted time. I desire to live a free and full life. Thank God for the WEEKENDS! That's when I get to soak up my REAL LIFE.

Where did the word weekend originate? Well, my grandfather would say the labor union! What's on my mind is how wonderful it truly is for my body and soul. An escape from the confinement of teaching and complicated paper work is what I crave. I push myself a little bit further till Friday and once it arrives I slip into a giddy state as fellow educators and I swap our plans to let the fun out! It's freeing to get away from the schedule and all the deadlines. I try to have such a relaxing time that when Monday comes I still have some extra, "don't worry, be happy" to avoid the reality of the workday. Thursdays find me looking much like Max, wanting to break loose once again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let it Out!

In the old world burping at the dinner table was a complement for the cook, right?! Growing up being the only girl with two brothers was always amusing. My brother Chris could burp in full sentences and Craig could clear a room with his silent passing of gas. There were stories of lighting matches as one would fart which would create flames from ones behind! Still, to this day I am surrounded by burps and giggles and loud FAKE mouth farts! HELP. All these body sounds and smells are a bit much.

There is some truth in being able to let the pressure out of yourself and feeling relief. It is freeing to express your feelings and thoughts. How about being able to speak your mind or tell the truth even though it might make you look bad. I will do my best to "Let it Out" in 2009! Toot, toot, toot! Happy New Year! Don't worry ladies and gentlemen, I plan on expressing myself in written words that are well thought out!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Three In One

What's that a picture of you ask? It's not one of my boys being witty or even a picture of the new purse that I adore and lug with me wherever I may go. This symbol has extra special meaning to me. I'm reminded of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. He is always there with me guiding me, walking before me and behind me. He comes when called and many times waits to enter in when needed even if I am not in the presence of mind to call on Him. He's never a bother, always wise and willing perfect continuous friend. What joy I find in stressful situations when I allow my self to receive the gift and be the instrument God asks me to be for Him.