Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Bash

Save the date!! On September 18, 2009 after workish or to be more specific 4:00PM to 7:00PM
2/3 of us are planning on doing it up Tulsa style for our 40th. Please join Craig and I on our Birthday at Florence Park. We thought you could bring a side dish and chairs for you and yours. We will supply the main dish. The idea for the moment is to have subs from Subway. Plan on bringing your favorite drink. Rolling with a beer bottle or can would not be advised but one is always welcome to pour beverages into cups...

Our kids will be running around in bathing suits if the sprinkler is to check into that...We will keep you posted if you can find your way back to

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Fixin

What did you do this summer? Did you go anywhere? Did you visit anyone? Well, if you have opened my Smileboxes you've seen what I've been up to. But what I have not been doing is what's getting me irritated.

We are blessed to have a extra office/guest bedroom in our home but its become a place for paperwork, books, pictures, boy's drawings, rental house files, Air Guard schooling and important documents. So, I'm fixin to move all the ***** out of the room to a much more visited room in the house. Then I will be forced to deal with the stacks of items that were too important to throw away in the first place! I'm fixin to deal with the mess! This picture is of someone else's office/guest bedroom. It will help me see what my room will look like if it does not get fixed!