Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't Say Never to Netherland

The van was locked and loaded with the Niebuhr’s and Gordon’s ready to discover the American-Dutch corner of the world. We were heading north on a mission toward Dutch pastries and a culture that was sure to be present in full force.

While visiting, the Niebuhr boys (Kent included) would get to haul buckets of water and pour them on the streets. This would clean and make way for the Tulip Queen and her Royal Court.

Cousin Marissa would be in the parade participating in Dutch games (Kinderspelen), street scrubbing and float riding.
Cousin Maren would scrub the street while Uncle Craig doused the street with buckets of water.
Uncle Craig would also carry a province flag and ride an authentic big wheel bike in the parade. They performed in stunning Dutch costumes representing Old World Holland.
There were carnival rides, old-fashioned games, Dutch bakeries, horse-drawn trolley rides, windmills and beautiful tulips!

What a welcome (welkom) we received from our Beaty family, nestled in their unique home of Orange City, Iowa.


Annie H. said...

this is STUNNING. I had been reading about the coming of the Tulip Festival on Shannon's blog, but WOW. What a trip! What a parade! What handsome Dutch men you have! Very wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Aww thanks Kimmer! We sure enjoyed having you all here! LOVE all the pics - they look great. Marissa and Maren are missing your boys like crazy. Thanks for a great time! Love you all!