Saturday, July 18, 2009

Get Off Me!

Skeptics say it's impossible to lose weight by swimming. That's just great. The one aerobic activity that people who are overweight could actually benefit from without putting their bodies in more pain is known to not allow you to take the pounds off.
What the heck. I say those skeptics have not ever been swimming. They have not kicked their legs so hard that the exhale bubble sound can't be heard. They have not made it to the other end of the pool just to push off again.
I choose to believe that I can get away from weight and am kicking and sticking my head under. I swing my arms cutting through the water. Yelling to my head hunger back off, you've never been my friend. Weight I'm done with you. I'm done running, trying to lose you. I'm swimming away and looking to find ME underneath YOU.


Pat said...

Wow, this is bringing out the best in you...go ~ swim away to a new you...then write a book and tell us all how you did it!

'Captain Craig' said...

Hey Kim, great videos and great words, about swimming, something I can do too! I think you can lose fat doing it, just hafta eat correctly. Good to see Sam doing it well too! He'll get a competetive nature through it and more. Luv ya, Craig

Shannon said...

Umm, have you seen the Dara Torres' (olympic swimmer who is 40 or something) "Got Milk" ad? That woman's body is rock solid. She's doing something right! Go for it! Any motion is good motion!