Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Needy Woman?

My instructions were to type my name and the word “needs” in the Google search and then list the first ten responses that make sense.

Here goes…

1. Kim needs to take off the gloves.(I'm a lover not a fighter)
2. Kim needs a refreshment.(Yep, I do enjoy a refreshing drink)
3. Kim needs a respirator.(Just today during 4th hour I was holding my breath because of stress)
4. Kim needs a to mind her own business.(It's not good to get into others business)
5. Kim needs help.(I do need help, just found out today that I've got 4 more IEP's than I thought I had)
6. Kim needs more stuff at her mat.(I do need some cheerful spring items by my door mat)
7. Kim needs to shut up and go home.(I was going on about the Special Education paper pile waiting on me today)
8. Kim needs to loose a few.(There is no denying this)
7. Kim needs to ease off the eyeliner.(Sam says so)
8. Kim needs an intervention.(Might be with the blogging and fb)
9. Kim needs our prayers.(Oh, yes, we could all use prayers)
10. Kim needs a new apron.(Well, an apron with a spring theme would be nice)


Mom said...

You look great! Sorry that you are loaded down with work. I know that you will come through it fine, just like always.

You wear so many hats. But, sometimes its okay to say "I just can't do it all." And, even though you have to do it all in the end, it will ground you.

Breath, relax, God has it all under control.

Shannon said...

You look so purty Kim! You are coming to the final stretch at work right? March, April, May and then your FREE - FREE AT LAST!

Annie H. said...

thanks for playing my game. it turned out cute, so cute that I think I'll have to send you a new apron. XOXO