Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's Your Occupation?

When the class bell rings you would find me instructing high school students with special needs. Along with new training I'm handing out choices. Students are provided advice instead of commands. They may sleep in class but they will have to make up the wasted learning on their time. They can do the work now or have home work later. They can be tardy to class but the 3rd one will get them detention. It's all up to them. In the beginning it was hard not to be the one in control. But after a while I saw that I never really was in control. Giving students choices gives them control of their situation. With choices they have a chance to learn from the consequences of their actions. Jim Fay, The author of Love and Logic was introduced to me through a parenting group in Derby, KS. I tried it out with my boys and really liked the idea of giving choices instead of demands. I like the sound of motivator and not dictator.


Annie H. said...

Love and Logic does really make sense doesn't it? Interesting to apply it to an educational venue... never put it in that light. But that's why YOU are the specialist, my friend. Keep up the good work.

Shannon said...

I get much further with Miss Maren in giving her choices - she really has to feel like she is the one in charge. On second thought, maybe she really is.