Sunday, February 22, 2009

Building Forts

Add kids, flashlights, blankets, couches, pillows with nothing to do and you'll get adventure. My boys were forced to entertain themselves over Christmas break and look what fun they had. Yea! If you look closely you can see a flashlight shining through the white quilt. It was the simplest indoor fort but they managed to cover every last bit of floor and corner with blankets, as to get the full effect. Sam ventured out to make his own domain but Will and Max were content to be bonk mates. We topped it off with hot chocolate and marshmallows via mom.


Shannon said...

Love when kids get creative and the smallest things can entertain them for hours. We often have a fort maze down in the basement - especially when Nate's boys come over. And those flashlights - just topping on the sundae. Give the boys hugs for us - we miss them!

Annie H. said...

looks like fun... just wish my kiddos could have been there to play in the fort and drink the hot chocolate. miss you!