Friday, February 13, 2009

What's Real? (Haiku)

I'm keeping it real and letting it out in 2009, here are my haikus:

Guilt, anger, fear, no!
Deny, lie, bad thoughts of me
Choke food down don't deal

Feelings don't share them
Don't speak up about the truth
Consumption will numb

Restrict words stay safe
Constrain my needs deny thoughts
Struggle fight for self

Haiku Friday

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'Captain Craig' said...

The TV preaches
From where to NO do not go
Flee to place in soul

Spending time with God
Things real will not be robbed
Happy Family

Meditate on word
Spirit brings understanding
Joy in midst of strife

Shannon said...

Girl, you know I feel every single syllable. Love ya!

Annie H. said...

Love your Haiku. Makes me want to go and write some more. Thanks for your honesty. I love you for it.