Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Carol

The boys are full of Christmas spirit. On the way to Oklahoma they decided to display their joyfulness with song...hope you enjoy the show and pray that we may have a silent night over the Christmas break!

They can get jingly with it, too!

The drive is only two and a half hours but it can seem like an eternity to the boys. Here, you can see for yourself!


Shannon said...

These are tooo cute! That Will- he's got a voice on him. The girls just thought it was great when I showed them! Have fun in OK!

Beaty Bloomin' Blessings Blog said...
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Beaty Bloomin' Blessings Blog said...

Live, from's the newest Boy Band - The Niebs! With Will as the lead. We love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

Tell the boys they need to sit back play their DS and relax.