Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Having your very own blog is mind blogging?!

Sam, my oldest son had quite a reaction when he realized that I could post pictures, videos, and clips of our life on the computer. It was really wild for him to be able to GOOGLE IT whenever he wanted and bam there it would be. This is his comment via e-mail that he sent me...
It's now but how?
I like Max's candy-cane post!
It's sssssssooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!
My own mom has a blog!!
Why is it called a blog?
Can boys have blogs??
If they can, can, you show me how to make one?
It's too awesome!!!
Panic mode activated,
This profile picture is of Sam, Halloween 2006. He did his own face. In doing so, a Star Wars space creature out of a crazy saloon scene was what he intended to create.

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Annie said...

Kami left me a comment on my blog too. I thought it was so cute. Kami set up her own blog... check it out... http://eveyrthingkami.blogspot.com/