Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hitting the double digts

Samuel James Niebuhr is turning 10 on the 26th of December. He is hitting the double digits, which makes me think of him driving, and leaving home. Home is home with Sam there and I'm not sure how I'll take the mile marker. I guess I'll have to take Nana's Lyn's example and send my love with him as he moves on to other places. Thanks, Nana for sending the Birthday cake and showing me that Sam can continue to receive my love even if he is not physically at home.


Beaty Bloomin' Blessings Blog said...

From Boy Band to Outlaws with guns. Will you better watch it...Fancy Pants has a bigger gun then you, he is older and bigger.

Our favorite is "put the guns down" and step away from the cake...

Bartli Mosthol said...

That little video certainly is remarkable. Remarkable because of the blog I found it in. A blog of one, as I got the impression, deeply religious woman and mother. What good is any religion, if kids still play with guns? And even wear camouflage jumpsuits, on top of it? Growing into a romantic, banalized, maybe even idealized picture of war and weapons. They grow up in disregard of all the cruelty and harm their toys cause. Did you ever explain the meaning of those playthings to your boys? In a time like the one we live in, I think that is a very important task. Even more so for someone who holds religion very high.

B. Mosthol