Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's now but how?!

Max was a tiger cub this past Halloween and it fit him well as he enjoys to bounce around just as Tigger would do. I’m always trying to catch him by the tail as he runs off with one of the big boy’s favorite toys!
Will dressed up as a vampire for Halloween and still today is quite the dramatic guy, so theatrical in his interaction with others. I’m constantly asking him to calm down so I can talk with him rationally. He asks for me to tuck him in before bed all warm and tight like bats sleep with their wings wrapped snuggly around themselves. It takes two ABC quilts that Grandma Pat made and his comforter on top to do the trick.
Sam decided to be a knight. Of course his Halloween costume had a sword, and shield along with a scary mask. It was expensive but Sam wanted it so much that he put some of his money together with ours so that he could get the costume. And still he is helping place the pieces of the puzzle together to aid in fortunate outcomes for all of our family.

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Pat said...

You and the boys always make my Halloween special.

oxox and many more candy corns,