Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Curious Christmas Celebration

Close to two years past now I recall getting a call

from Madisen, my niece with news of pee in your

pants exciting stuff. She was to play the part of

Brad Pitt's girl friend at the age of 10-12. I was in

shock. She had just moved to LA with her family.

The plan was to get an agent and see if God was

going to open doors for her in the area of acting.

My brother and his wife (Madisen's parents) knew

how she came alive when on stage and had always

told her that they would support what ever she

was passionate about. They tried dance, BMX

racing, you name it but nothing made her

come alive like the theater did. So, wow,

within just a few months of stepping out in

faith and lots of work in talent classes

and auditions Madisen was chosen out of thousands

for the part of Daisy in the movie,

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which comes

out Christmas Day. Along with giving thanks for the

birth of Christ our savior we will no doubt be having

a thrill of a lifetime watching our loved one on the

big screen.Who would have thought she could go so

far in such a short time? What are your talents?

What are your child's talents? Are you willing to

be fearless and share them with others?

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