Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let it Out!

In the old world burping at the dinner table was a complement for the cook, right?! Growing up being the only girl with two brothers was always amusing. My brother Chris could burp in full sentences and Craig could clear a room with his silent passing of gas. There were stories of lighting matches as one would fart which would create flames from ones behind! Still, to this day I am surrounded by burps and giggles and loud FAKE mouth farts! HELP. All these body sounds and smells are a bit much.

There is some truth in being able to let the pressure out of yourself and feeling relief. It is freeing to express your feelings and thoughts. How about being able to speak your mind or tell the truth even though it might make you look bad. I will do my best to "Let it Out" in 2009! Toot, toot, toot! Happy New Year! Don't worry ladies and gentlemen, I plan on expressing myself in written words that are well thought out!


Annie H. said...

Let 'er rip, sister!

Shannon said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! I know all about the Captain's SBD's (I am an ongoing victim - especially to the ones that come wafting our from under the sheets at night - should silent farts really wake you up at night?- only the Captain's) and take pity on you as the only girl growing up in a fam of boys - I can so relate to that myself. Now we are estrogen overloaded at our house! Great post! I will giggle about it all day!

Mom said...

You brought to life again the memories of an incident that happened in the car when we were driving along Hollywood Boulevard, one of the most famous avenues in America.

CM decided we needed to have a "fart out". Of course, he about drove all of us out of the car.

That is one area where Craig is rich beyond measure!