Friday, January 23, 2009

Go Take a Hike!

Us Nieb's went bare-booting (to hike in winter) without use of crampons, showshoes, skis, or other traction aids.

We did not hit the alpine zone (the area above treeline)but were quite content with the huge adventure found among the smell of fresh pine, bright sun (it was 50 degrees), shoe slipping ice(the boys went skating in their shoes ), foot gripping snow(aided in traction), and gooey mud(mom had to throw out two pair of shoes and scrub another). We wandered through the scrub oak woodlands and ponderosa pine looking for bear. The family explored, viewing and taking in all the wonderful nature found at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. We found easy to moderate park trails which kept mom and Max happy as it was a 3 hour tour.

There were many words to remember...Will told Max, “You’ll just have to bear it.” Boy did Max do well. He was active on the adventure and only asked once to be picked up!

Upon reaching bolders the boys had to climb to the top and announce to the world...“I claim this rock.” When mom asked Sam if he was enjoying himself he stated, “This is more fun than flying your own plane.”


Annie H. said...

what a wonderful adventure, and sam's comment melted my heart... better than having your own plane? wow! he's easy to please! :) love seeing pics of your family. It makes me happy.

Shannon said...

Sam better ask Uncle Craig about that whole plane deal. Looks like a blast though. The girls loved the pics - me too.

Mom said...

You needed that trip. I know your boys will have all the memories to recall some day.