Monday, January 12, 2009

The Letter B

Beaty is my maiden name. The name Beaty \be(a)-ty\ is a variant of Beattie (Irish, Gaelic, Latin), and the meaning of Beaty is "voyager (through life); blessed". How cool is it to actually be born into a name that means blessed!

Bible - The living word of God, need I say more?

Boogie - It’s exercise and so much fun. Kent and I still got it! We cut a rug bringing in the New Year!

Boys - I have three of them and have a fantastic time being their mom/playmate

Backyard - I enjoy my backyard. Even looking at it through the kitchen window is a favorite.

Baggage - My mother-in-law bought Kent and I matching luggage and I can’t help but feel grown up and together traveling with them. The act of packing for trips with my matching baggage is always a welcome task. We have all sizes from a helpful medicine bag to a full size monolith type bag which is on rollers of course!

Brothers - Craig and Chris are my Triplet brothers. Craig is on the left and Chris is on the right .

Blog- Help! I started a blog and I can't get off!!
Books- I love them! I take pictures of my boys reading them. Reading is a gift you give yourself and others. Brain - A child's ability to learn can increase or decrease by 25 percent or more, depending on whether he or she grows up in a stimulating environment.
I know all you moms out there are giving your kids a wonderful learning environment, now don't you feel good!


Annie H. said...

You totally rocked that list! I LOVE it! I just wonder why you didn't include Bathroom Beaty? Ha Ha!!!

Kim said...

Oh, I dropped the BALL on that one!
Next, time.

Shannon said...

Love this Kim! Perfect! I did not know that Beaty means blessed - I will take that to heart - even though I married into it, I can still claim right! Great post!

Annie H. said...

BY the way, I love the pictures that you included with your post! They make this a very cool blog entry! Just like you. Very cool