Friday, January 9, 2009

What do You Want to be Doing?

What is occupying Max's attention at the time this picture was snapped? It seems there is always something pulling us, enticing us. At home it's the laundry, making dinner, trying to keep the house picked up. Don't get me wrong, I love my life but I would like to learn to enjoy the moment even if it is not filled with the most exciting activities. Stolen moments add up to wasted time. I desire to live a free and full life. Thank God for the WEEKENDS! That's when I get to soak up my REAL LIFE.

Where did the word weekend originate? Well, my grandfather would say the labor union! What's on my mind is how wonderful it truly is for my body and soul. An escape from the confinement of teaching and complicated paper work is what I crave. I push myself a little bit further till Friday and once it arrives I slip into a giddy state as fellow educators and I swap our plans to let the fun out! It's freeing to get away from the schedule and all the deadlines. I try to have such a relaxing time that when Monday comes I still have some extra, "don't worry, be happy" to avoid the reality of the workday. Thursdays find me looking much like Max, wanting to break loose once again.


Annie H. said...

I love how make that picture come to life. That is so funny! You are right... what was he looking at / thinking about?

I am so proud of you for all you have done to prepare yourself to be an educator. It hasn't been the easiest of roads and I understand exactly how you feel on Thursdays....

but I can't imagine exactly how many lives you are touching at that school. You are an inspiration to all around you, Mrs. N!

Annie H. said...

OK, thanks for playing the alphabet game with me. Your letter is..... B!!! Have fun! Let me know when you post!